A Schoolgirl Story

May 17, 2006

"Wendy we need to talk," said Wendy's best friend Danielle, ushering Wendy to sit down beside her on the bed, somewhere a little close for Wendy's liking as she, after her recent sexually exciting experience, already found herself a little aroused. Coupled to that, Wendy was filled with nerves and fear about what Danielle could want to talk so seriously about with her. Danielle had always been so good at reading her feelings, could she have discovered Wendy's feelings for her, or, worse, Wendy's bigger secret? Danielle took Wendy's hand in hers and looked Wendy directly in the eye, for a moment Wendy lost herself in the friendly charm of Danielle's mysterious dark eyes, even if Danielle did discover her secret surely she wouldn't turn against Wendy, she was far too nice. Wasn't she? "Wendy, I don't know how to say this to you," Danielle said before pausing to try to think of what to say, Wendy noticed a small tear in her friend's eye and despite her concerns about herself felt pity for her, "Wendy, we've known each other for just a few weeks but in that time I really feel like we've got to know each other so well. I feel I have a greater connection with you than with any of the other girls in the school. I'm so happy that we're room-mates," she smiled a little smile at Wendy here and by now Wendy could feel a tear welling up in her eye, nobody had ever been this kind to her, "I don't ever want anything to come between us Wendy but there's something that you need to know," here she paused again and by now Wendy was no longer nervous about herself but desperate to comfort Danielle who obviously had something that she had to get off her chest, Wendy held her friend's hand affectionately and tried to let her go on, "The truth is Wendy, that I love you. I've wanted to tell you since the first week I knew you," Wendy couldn't believe it, she opened her mouth to speak up and tell Danielle how much she loved her too but Danielle put her finger to Wendy's lips, "Please Wendy, don't say anything until I've finished, I need to say this all now. I know that you're together with Chris and I'm happy for you, I really am, and I know that that means that nothing could ever happen between us even if you're not totally disgusted by me, but I can't handle keeping these feelings hidden away. I'll understand if you don't want to be my friend any more but I really care about you Wendy and if I can't have you as a lover I would at least like you as a friend." She finished and the tears that had been threatening to well up sprung forth and streamed down her face causing her mascara to run in black streaks down her cheek. Wendy opened her arms and drew her friend into a compassionate hug, pressing Danielle's breasts against hers in a way that, especially coupled with Danielle's admission, made her feel just a little aroused. Choking back tears of her own, Wendy responded: "Honey, I can't believe that with all your skills of knowing how other people are feeling you never knew my feelings for you. I love you too Danielle, I have done for all the time I've been at Firwood. Nobody has ever made me feel as welcome and happy as you've done in the few weeks that we've known each other. I like Chris a lot but he's nothing like you, I love you Danielle, I love you more than you could imagine." Danielle withdrew herself from her friend's hug, she was no longer crying but her face was still smeared with mascara which was also now on Wendy's blouse. She gave a white smile that was both warm, flirty and affectionate and a little shy and unsure. They stared into each other's eyes for what seemed like ages without speaking before Danielle leant over and kissed Wendy lightly and softly on the lips. Wendy closed her eyes and savoured the soft pillows of Danielle's beautiful lips as her room-mate kissed her once more, this time for longer as she took Wendy in her arms and her tongue pushed inside Wendy's lips. Wendy was in heaven, passionately embracing and kissing the girl she had desired so much for so long. Danielle was a really excellent kisser and Wendy's cock was already hard and crying out for relief, but Wendy knew that she couldn't go through with this without explaining something to Danielle. Danielle had opened up to her and revealed her deeper secrets and now, although Wendy desperately wanted her, she knew that she would have to confess her secret to her sexy room-mate, it wouldn't be fair on her otherwise. "I love you so much Danielle," she said, "but once you hear what I have to say then maybe you won't care so much about me. You see Danielle, I have a big secret of my own, something I don't know how you're going to react to. I've been lying to you, deceiving all of you about who I really am. I'm not really a girl called Wendy at all, my real name is Jason." Danielle's dark eyes widened and she looked disbelieving for a moment as if she thought that maybe Wendy was lying, trying to let her down gently by making this up. Wendy lifted her pleated blue and green schoolgirl skirt to show her room-mate the bulge of her cock in her little white panties. Danielle just sat and stared at it, she seemed unsure what to do. "So you see Danielle," Wendy said to break the silence, "It's really me who's going to expect you not to want me any more but I felt I had to share my secret with you." This seemed to break Danielle from her trance and she smiled at Wendy, "Wendy, I don't think that there's anything you could have told me that would make me not want to be with you," she smiled and kissed Wendy softly on the lips. As she did this, Danielle reached up under Wendy's skirt and took Wendy's cock in her hand, massaging it through the silk material of Wendy's panties. "Oh yes Danielle, that feels soooo good," Wendy moaned as a smile lit up Danielle's face at her room-mate's appreciation of her attentions. Meanwhile Wendy reached her own hand up inside Danielle's skirt and panties and stuck first one finger and then two up inside Danielle's pussy, which she could feel was already wet and well lubricated. Both began to masturbate each other, each in time with the other, while they continued to kiss and each moaned in pleasure with ever increasing volume and excitement until they both reached their orgasms almost simultaneously.Cuddled up in each other's arms on Wendy's bed later in the evening, the two girls were deep in conversation. After they had brought each other to a climax they had simply collapsed in each other's arms and here they were some hours later still talking. Wendy had told Danielle her life story, about all the schools where she had never fit in as Jason about her relationship with her mother, the only person before Danielle to really care for her, and about why she had become Wendy and come to Firwood. Danielle told Wendy about how all of her group of friends at the school were the ones who were either lesbians or bisexual, she told Wendy how she herself had had sex with women but not men and how she was still a little confused about her own sexuality. "Does Chris know?" Danielle suddenly asked out of the blue. "God no!" replied her transvestite room-mate, "I don't think he'd react too well to it." "So you haven't slept with him then?" Danielle asked. "He's always keen but so far I've managed to restrict it to me giving him blowjobs," Wendy replied, "I really want to go further, to have him fuck me but I'm afraid if he finds out what's really in my panties he'll run away." "I didn't run away did I?" Danielle smiled affectionately, "I think you might find people who really care will be able to overlook those things and you're a gorgeous girl, so much that guys won't mind if you have a cock. I think you should allow Chris the benefit of the doubt." The result of this discussion was not only that Wendy agreed to try and see how Chris would react to discovering her secret but that she would invite Chris to the dorm to reveal it so that Danielle could be there, both to intervene if Chris didn't take it well, but also to allow her to get involved in anything that happened. "I love you so much Wendy that I'm quite willing to share you if that's what will make you happy," she said by way of explanation. So it was that, the following Sunday, after their usual meeting at the diner, Chris and Wendy, rather than drive back to Chris' house, went all the way to Firwood's dorm. Weekends were the only times guys were allowed on campus and so there were quite a few girls around with their boyfriends as Chris parked just outside the gates and Wendy walked with him over to the dorm. "You never wanted us to come here before," he said as Wendy held the door open for him to enter the building, "You must have some special reason for bringing me here." Wendy smiled and winked as he walked passed, "There just might be," she said suggestively, "Maybe I brought you here because I'd be more comfortable in familiar surroundings for the kinds of new things we're gonna do," here she smiled naughtily again to make it readily apparent what she meant, "Besides, I think Danielle wanted to be around." By this point they had reached the door of Wendy and Danielle's room and so Wendy opened the door and let herself and Chris in, making sure to lock the door behind them. Danielle was sitting writing at her desk but looked up when they came in. "You two know each other don't you," Wendy said. "Of course we do," Danielle smiled, "But maybe after today we'll all know each other a little better." "Hi Danielle," said Chris as he walked in and sat down on Wendy's bed. All three of them were silent for a moment, feeling a little shy and abashed, none of them sure how to get things going. Finally, Danielle decided to take the initiative. "Chris, I know that today's the day that Wendy plans to finally let you two go all the way," she said as Chris looked surprised for a moment at how much these two room-mates shared, "But what I'd like to know is if you wouldn't prefer us both. I know Wendy would feel more comfortable if I was involved as well," she winked at Wendy. Chris was struck dumb for a moment, two very sexy girls in schoolgirl uniform were offering him a threesome, his fantasies were coming true and he didn't know what to say. Wendy and Danielle took this silence to mean Chris wasn't about to offer any objections to the proposal. In fact, as Wendy unzipped his baggy pants and pulled out his cock it was already a little stiff and erect and instantly became more so at the touch of her hand. Danielle had advised Wendy that Chris would be most receptive to the discovery and most likely to continue with their sexual relationship if he was already pretty horny and really in need of sex when he found out. So, just to make sure of him, Wendy began to run her tongue around his ever more erect cock as she had done so often before, but now she felt it twitch with greater anticipation at what better was yet to come. Danielle wandered over to where Wendy was knelt before her boyfriend, caressing his cock languidly with her leisurely tongue. Danielle knelt on the floor as well and brought her face close to Wendy's, close to Chris' cock as well. She took Wendy's hand and smiled affectionately at her."You're doing great honey," she said, holding onto Wendy's hand, "Now this is a little new to me so you're going to have to show me the way."A little tingle of pleasure seemed to go through Chris' body as he heard that Danielle had never been with a guy before, Wendy could feel his excitement through her tongue on his cock. Wendy took her mouth away from Chris' cock for a moment to look into Danielle's deep, dark eyes. With the hand that wasn't holding onto Danielle's, she reached up to her room-mate's beautiful face and pushed a wisp of dark hair from her eyes before bringing her in closer until their lips touched against each other. Chris let out a little groan of pleasure mixed with disbelief that something so sexy was happening as two beautiful schoolgirls passionately kissed just above his rock hard cock. With the tongue that she had lately used to stimulate her boyfriend's cock, Wendy now pushed her room-mate's lips open. She closed her eyes and let her tongue explore the inside of Danielle's mouth. Meanwhile, she was still holding Danielle's hand and so she guided this up to Chris' cock, placing her boyfriend's throbbing meat into her room-mate's hand. Still guiding Danielle, with her hand on Danielle's, Wendy helped her room-mate stroke up and down Chris' cock, jerking him off as she had done Wendy a few days earlier.Chris moaned again, "God, this is sooo hot," he said, "I can't believe this.""This is just the beginning," said Danielle, naughtily, breaking from the kiss, "You really won't believe what's to come."Wendy frowned at her as if to say "don't give anything away", but Chris was even more turned on by the seductive suggestiveness of Danielle's comments. Wendy now began once more to turn the attention of her mouth to her boyfriend's hard cock, kissing up and down the length of his shaft. With her hand still on the back of Danielle's head, caught up in her long dark hair, Wendy pulled Danielle in too until her friend's lips were also pressed against Chris' cock. The two sexy room-mates then continued to alternately kiss each other's pretty lips and Chris' hard cock until both girls began to sense that all the attention was probably getting to Chris a bit much and if they continued with this teasing stimulation much longer he probably wouldn't be able to hold back any longer and would blow both his load and Wendy's chances of seducing him into not caring about her little secret.Bearing this in mind, Danielle and Wendy stopped their attentions to Chris' cock and turned to each other. Pushing Chris back out of their way, the two girls stood up again and Danielle drew Wendy into another passionate kiss, smearing even more of their lipstick across each other. With their lips still locked together, Danielle began to unbutton Wendy's blouse to reveal the sexy white lace bra she wore beneath, stuffed with the false breasts that Wendy had by now come to think of as a part of her. Taking her cue from her friend, Wendy also unbuttoned Danielle's white blouse, throwing it to the floor before unclasping Danielle's bra and letting her soft but firm breasts fall free. Breaking from the kiss, Wendy bent over and began instead to kiss her friend's breasts, sucking on Danielle's erect nipples while her hands moved down Danielle's body to unzip her skirt leaving Danielle dressed in just her white stockings and panties. Danielle gave a soft, seductive moan of pleasure as Wendy flicked her tongue across her nipples. Although Danielle was now practically naked, even her white panties had become virtually see through given how wet her pussy was making them, Wendy still had almost all her sexy schoolgirl uniform on. Sure, her blouse was open to show off her white bra and, as she bent down to suckle on her room-mate's breasts, her plaid skirt hitched up to reveal her matching panties, but her secret was still well and truly under wraps. As Wendy stopped her nipple sucking and stood back up to pull Danielle in for another passionate kiss, she looked over to see Chris, pants still around his ankles, jerking off his hard cock and the sensual lesbian show that the two schoolgirls were giving him. Danielle reached out her hand and grabbed his arm to stop him."Don't do that," she said to him sternly, "Just be patient and they'll be plenty of time for you to get off."Still holding Danielle close, Wendy began to feel nervous, the time was almost upon her when she would have to reveal to Chris that she wasn't everything that she seemed. Wendy trembled with anticipation and fear, everything had gone to plan so far, Chris was so erect and horny he'd probably fuck anything, but Wendy was still petrified as to what his reaction might be on discovering her secret. Danielle seemed to feel Wendy's nerves and fears as their bodies pressed against each other. She kissed Wendy on the cheek and whispered in her ear, "Don't worry Wendy, nobody could ever resist you."Those words of encouragement served to calm Wendy down enough at least to allow Danielle's hands to stray down towards her plaid skirt which Danielle unzipped and allowed to fall to the floor. Wendy was already aroused and excited from all that had gone before and the closeness and touch of her room-mate lover wasn't make things any better. Her little cock was becoming quite hard and she knew that its shape in her white panties was by now clearly outlined with her skirt now discarded."Well Chris," said Danielle, turning her head to look at him, "Now's your chance to take what you want from Wendy."With that, she turned back to face Wendy, smiled reassuringly, and then turned her round to face Chris directly. Eagerly staring at Wendy's semi-naked body, Chris let his eyes travel down from her blonde hair, over her smooth, feminine face and scarlet lips, down towards her cleavage still held in by the white bra, over her narrow waist and down to her white panties. There his eager, lustful gaze stopped and a look of confusion came over him. Wendy could see in Chris' eyes that he could see the bulging outline that was clear in her panties and was suddenly surprised and unsure of himself, he seemed to be trying to convince himself that what he suspected wasn't really true at all. Even before he knew for sure, however, Wendy could tell he was backing off, in fact he literally took a step back, and wasn't quite so keen on this as he had been just seconds before when what he thought were two beautiful girls had been kissing in front of him. Danielle was now standing behind Wendy, her hands running down Wendy's sides until she got to her slender waist and hooked her fingers into the waistband of Wendy's white panties. As Wendy stood stock still, deeply nervous about Chris' reactions, Danielle knelt down behind her, as she did so lowering Wendy's panties down her smooth, stocking clad legs. Finally, Wendy's little secret was revealed for all to see, her hard cock protruded forward from her soft feminine body, pointing towards Chris as his still similarly hard cock pointed back at her.Despite his obvious continued arousal, Chris did not appear to be at all comfortable with the truth as Wendy revealed it to him now. In fact his jaw dropped open and he began to frown angrily."What the hell is this?" he said, angrily, to Wendy and Danielle, "What are you two trying to pull here."Wendy was struck dumb with Chris' angry reaction, she was afraid of it and now she had exposed her true self to him, she felt embarrassed and annoyed with herself and flushed red, not knowing at all what to do. Danielle also felt angry but not with Wendy. She was annoyed at Chris for hurting Wendy's feelings."We're not trying to pull anything," she said, irritably, to Chris, "You've been leading this beautiful girl on, pressing her into sex until that's all she wanted from you and now you're going to turn your back on her. How cruel can you be?"Wendy felt a rush of emotion towards Danielle, now she could see why she loved the girl so much, she had rushed to Wendy's defence even in a situation like this, even when it was all about Wendy being fucked by another person. Chris seemed a little abashed at Danielle's angry, accusational position but he also still was stepping away from Wendy even while he couldn't seem to take his eyes off her hard cock.